Finding Delight

These recent days have been long and tiring, those with doctors appointments and work responsibilities stretching my brain to its capacity and those at home sometimes (honestly) quite dull. Since I can tend to emphasize the heavier things on this blog, I thought I’d take a little break and share some ways I’ve been able to find some relief, some fun, some delight recently.

Finding Delight Collage

Am I the last person in the world to finally start following Serial? Holy moly! I just started listening today and am completely hooked. It’s a nonfiction podcast that stays with a story until the producers “get to the bottom of it.” I love the idea of listening to stories rather than always watching or reading them. In other words, I’m reliving the Adventures in Odyssey days.

I took the time this weekend to put together a few essential oil roller bottles and I am SO glad I did. These little containers are so easy to carry around and make application quick and simple. The two (fuzzily) pictured here are for relaxation and postpartum, and I made some combos for the little boys’ sleep, cellular repair, and more! Combined with doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack and Cellular Energy/Stamina supplement, these natural, effective products help me engage my days rather than just survive them. (You can receive a free Lifelong Vitality Pack with doTERRA‘s Enroll in Life promo until this Saturday, 11/15. Email me at abbyjoyperry (at) gmail (dot) com to learn more!)

I’m anxiously awaiting my first StitchFix package and I can’t wait to see what it contains! StitchFix is a personalized styling service and filling out my style profile was a lovely moment of lighthearted fun. I paid a $20 styling fee and I’ll receive five items based on my style profile. I can use the styling fee toward my purchases and if I keep all five items then I’ll get them for 25% off. Sounds like a deal to me! The program also uses affiliate links (like the one above), so there’s opportunity for even greater savings.

Gilmore Girls appeared on Netflix right around the time Gabriel was born. Best ever. Nothing brings about a happy little moment at the end of an “in the thick of it” day like some Lorelai and Rory banter. I’ve seen all the episodes a few more times than I’ll say here, and I probably will continue to re-watch them until I understand all of the cultural references (read: never).

I’m sure I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled style of writing soon, but today I’m thanking God for giving me the freedom to enjoy little bursts of refreshment and hoping you experience the same.

Find some delight.


I may receive compensation from purchases made using the links in this post.

5 thoughts on “Finding Delight

  1. Abby,
    I love the way your head and heart work. I loved this post because it was light and happy even fluffy and not usually my style but it is so great to hear you are having those moments these days. I’m wishing you many rich moments of blessings and lots of happy, light moments of retreat.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. My daughter is 28 weeks along and expecting a boy, Caleb, on March 1. He has been diagnosed to have a left clubfoot and another kidney abnormality. We live in the Houston area and have been researching options for the best doctor.

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