Finding Delight: Episode 2

Last fall, when we were in the throes of weekly casting appointments and unanswered questions and infant exhaustion, I started learning a great deal about the importance of taking a breath, about self care, about rest and how the earth doesn’t require me to be constant motion in order to remain on its axis. I wrote a post called Finding Delight in order to capture some of the more lighthearted aspects of those revelations.

Today, Gabriel had a Early Childhood Intervention evaluation where he qualified for Physical Therapy, and on Friday he will have orthopedist and hand doctor appointments. On Friday, August 14, he will have a neurology appointment. Sometime between now and then, we should get results from genetic testing. And so, in an effort to remind myself of some of the lighter, fluffier things this summer has brought about, and to keep myself in the practice of finding delight, I’m back to share some of what I’ve found to be restful, helpful and fun to explore.

Finding Delight 2

As life has throttled us about a little less this summer, my love for cooking has had the space to resurrect. A few months ago, I came across ingredient delivery services, and since so many of them have excellent promotions for the first order, we tried several. I can genuinely say we have loved them all in so many ways – the quality of the food, ease and freshness of the recipes, diversity of cuisines and, of course, the taste (my mouth is watering as I think about some of the recipes – Blue Cheese Buffalo Turkey Burgers! Fennel and Pork Sausage Wood Fired Pizza! Soy Glazed Mahi Mahi!). These companies function as subscription services, but weeks can always be skipped (with no limit), and many of them have generous referral programs. So far, we have greatly enjoyed Plated, Home Chef, Blue Apron and Green Chef.

I’m a reader, and, I admit, a TV watcher, but there is something just so fun and unique about listening (only) to news, true life stories and journalism. I mentioned last fall that I loved Serial, and since then I have enjoyed Undisclosed Podcast, Mystery Show and This American Life. My most recent find it The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, who is a pastor’s wife, mom of four (three adopted), blogger and podcaster. She hosts a different woman each week and they talk about all things light, heavy and in between. Some of the guests I’ve most enjoyed listening to her chat with are Latasha Morrison, Jen Wilkin, Gloria Furman, Meredith Toering and Trillia Newbell. These women are rooted in God’s Word, dedicated to the Kingdom, and have passion for the weighty things of the world as well as room in their hearts and lives for the occasional frivolity. They’ve been great companions as I’ve cooked, cleaned, folded laundry and driven.

Remember how mail-in rebates used to be a big. thing.? They, along with coupons, have always been overwhelming and/or not worth it to me – until, I confess, they were available entirely through an iPhone App. iBotta (my favorite), Checkout51 and Receipt Hog have hundreds of opportunities to earn cash back on regular grocery, apparel, beauty and miscellaneous purchases. iBotta rises to the top of my list for a few reasons, namely the many non-brand specific rebates (on items that we buy weekly, like blueberries, apples and bread), referral program, opportunities for “bonuses” and constant addition of new rebates. Unlocking rebates/logging purchases takes just a few minutes, and we’ve already gotten almost $60 back in less than two months on things we would have purchased anyway (not random junk we end up buying “because we’ll get a rebate”). So worth it!

Reading has been lower on my priority list recently than I would like for it to be, but The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner is quickly changing that, both because I can’t put it down and because of how she’s helping me continue to simplify, streamline and soak up my days. Brigid Schulte, New York Times bestselling author of Overwhelmed, put it best, “The Fringe Hours is like one gigantic permission slip to carve out some space in your day for the things that give you joy and feed your soul.” I’m not finished yet, but I already recommend it!

Is it just me, or do most women have a complicated, conflicted, possibly crisis-like relationship to clothes? I am not a shopper, but even I have stood in my closet many times staring at more than enough clothing and feeling neither comfortable nor complemented in any of it. Enter Hayley Morgan, who has revamped an ebook she wrote several years ago into an online workshop (with an updated ebook) called The No Brainer Wardrobe, designed to help you “unbury from your loaded closet, identify the gaps in your wardrobe, and put together an easy personal style to feel more like you every day!” I’m enjoying it so much! Hayley’s mission is to help women live lives of more passion and less fuss, and that mission carries clearly into this project. I’m feeling so encouraged by it, and have felt much more freedom and experienced much more fun with my wardrobe than ever before. The workshop is well worth the investment, and if you register before August 1, you’ll receive the Kids and Workplace editions for free!

Well everybody, that’s about as fluffy as it gets here at Joy Woven Deep! This may be a surprising post coming from me after a few month blogging hiatus, but in the spirit of recognizing that God’s grace can make itself clear to us in ways big and small, I’m hitting publish.

(I have a feeling I’ll be back soon; Shriner’s visits, like those coming up on Friday, and blogging have historically been a bit inseparable for me.)

Enjoy browsing these little delights.

I may receive compensation from purchases made using the links in this post. This does not cause products to cost more for you.

3 thoughts on “Finding Delight: Episode 2

    • Just love it! It’s been special to hear how the Lord led you to this podcast after you chose to leave radio, even though it was so hard to do. Thanks for listening to Him – I’m blessed because of it!

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