IMG_9312-smthis is me, abby. well, it’s me 7 years and a fake tan and a couple hundred dollars in facials, highlights and makeup ago, but it’s me nonetheless. and if a person is going to take bridal pictures she may as well use them for a while, amiright?

in the last seven years, i’ve married a stud, graduated from texas a&m (obligatory whoop), worked for a non-profit, had a weird little moment with cancer, lived the seminary wife life, and cooperatively produced two babies (one born august 2012, one born october 2014). that and about 10,000 other things, but those at least set the parameters. these days, i’m a stay-at-home mom with a part time gig at His Grace Foundation. i’m in continual pursuit of moderation (as exemplified by a simultaneous love for kale and pasta roni. served separately.). i’m passionate about orphan care (primarily foster care and orphan prevention), racial reconciliation and the intersection of faith, the study of Scripture, the coming Kingdom and the here and now. i love podcasts and journalism, a great novel or piece of non-fiction, and, as my INTJ personality profile tells me, “being fascinated with all aspects of the human experience.” above all, i’m a Jesus loving, Bible believing, gospel craving Christian with joy woven deep in the marrow of my bones. there are about a zillion Jesus loving blogs out there and i won’t kid myself into thinking that my view is the one that makes the circle complete, but i hope some encouragement or perspective can be found in an occasional post.

396102_2350376288389_855912844_nthis is the stud, jared. we started dating my freshman (his sophomore) year of college and pretty much wanted to get married about 5 minutes later. we somehow survived until the end of my junior year and here we, as opposite as two personalities can be and more in love with each year gone by. this guy is a Jesus loving, sharp-minded theologian, a church history nut and graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in May 2013 with a Masters of Theology (emphasis in Historical Theology & Cross-Cultural Ministry). he is an Assistant Pastor at Grace Bible Church, a place and position about which our hearts could not possibly be happier. he’s funny, kind-hearted, referred to by our friends as the “cruise director” thanks to his social prowess and a rockstar dad. i’m a big fan.


this is babe #1, owen (aka puppy, pookie patoodle, turtlebug, o-pup, and anything else small and cute). y’all. this kid has rocked my world in all the ways. he joined the planet on august 2, 2012 and there are days that i struggle to remember life before he came around. he’s hilarious, chatty, as social as his dad and expressive as they come. he’s already a keen observer of people, a little obsessed with a fluffy stuffed puppy and a foodie (for which his mama’s heart rejoices). i have never in my life laughed as much as i do with this little boy.
Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.34.12 PMthis is babe #2, gabriel (gabe). he joined our ranks on september 26, 2014. he is laid back, loves to smile, adores his momma, coos, sings, and is serious about grabbing for toys, hair, and hands. his brother already makes him laugh. gabe was born with bilateral clubfoot and clasped thumb, and we have now learned he has an undiagnosed neurological disorder. we await genetic testing, we pray, we give thanks, we struggle. we’re in love and walking a new road.

that’s us. we have the best families, a treasure chest of friends and so much goodness in our life that sometimes we’re not sure how we got here. we are living in the in between, the already but not yet, in every way. our hearts long for heaven but want to make the most of earth. we trust and surrender control, but we dig our heels in and make things happen. there is so much to be done inside the fences of His kingdom. off we go.

The views expressed on this site are exclusively those of the author and are not representative of any of her affiliations.

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