hobbies & health.

I’ve never been much of a hobby gal. I’m not a DIYer, photography completely overwhelms me and I’m fairly certain that I would lose a limb to a sewing machine. Nerdy as it may be, if I have a hobby at all, it’s probably learning (from which my love for reading and writing come). Scary, I know. Nonetheless, it’s true, and (ask my extremely accommodating husband), I’m continually finding new pursuits to research, study and understand.

If there’s anything I love more than learning, it’s when learning and helping others combine. I love gathering, sharing and educating, and, for the past few months (with a lot of support and wisdom from a wonderful team!), I have loved learning more about essential oils and using that information to benefit others. I have had the joy of helping friends become more empowered in the pursuit of wellness for their families, successfully addressing issues such as allergies, eczema, metabolism and anxiety, just to name a few. It has been an honor to help families reduce their health care expenses, feel more confident in their decisions and see major improvements in their family members’ wellbeing.

I mean it when I say that essential oils are not a cure all, and as someone who has undergone several surgeries, takes Synthroid daily and is about to have C-section number two, I’m just as thankful for Western Medicine as the next person. This is, in fact, one of the things I like best about essential oils – they are a wonderful companion to the incredible strides the medical world has made, and they help us retain a little more personal ability when it comes to caring for our families. When Gabe is getting a tooth, I won’t have to agonize over whether or not Orajel is going to numb his throat, because I know a little swipe of lavender will help him. If fever sets in, I don’t have to debate whether or not to use Tylenol, because Peppermint will assist both the fever and the infection.

This isn’t a revolutionary war cry to take back our health care from the big bad medical world, it’s a cheer of support and a cadre of resources for individuals, parents and families who want to understand and address their bodies’ needs simply, confidently and cost-effectively.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, then you’re in the right place at the right time!

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As my nerd-dom has probably indicated, I would love to answer questions for anyone who has them. I am continually impressed by the range of health and wellness issues (not to mention skin and body care, cleaning, cooking and more) that oils are equipped to address, so no question is too strange or specific. Contact me through a blog comment, Facebook, Twitter or email. To browse products and learn more about oils, click here. And don’t worry, oils have not taken my blog hostage. They’re simply a facet of my life that I enjoy and find worthy of sharing, so, similar to other topics I write about, that is the heart behind today’s post.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical or healthcare professional. All information here is for educational purposes only. Please use wisdom and discretion when making healthcare decisions for yourself and your family. I may earn commissions from purchases made through links in this post.

these days.

as springtime speeds rapidly by, activities and change and newness abounding, a little update on the goings-on of our family seems to be in order.

Update Collage.jpg

we are expecting Baby #2 in early October!
we are completely elated, amazed at God’s goodness in giving us another little one to love. i was extremely sick in the beginning but have felt better much more quickly than i did during my pregnancy with Owen. the fatigue is much stronger this time around, but i’m betting that there is some sort of correlation between pregnancy, chasing a toddler and exhaustion. Jared has been a total superhero in terms of taking care of both Owen and me while i’m at less than full-capacity. (side note: ladies, marry men who rise to the challenges that will come, because they will come.)

we have reached the home study phase of our foster care license (which is another way of saying, “yes, we are still pursuing our license even though i am pregnant.”).
if my health during pregnancy allows, we will provide respite care for other foster families prior to baby arriving and determine the best time for a long-term placement after he or she (any guesses?) is here. we are excited to see what happens and trusting that the Lord will give us the wisdom to determine what we can handle/what will be best for our family and every child in our care.

i am now a Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils.
this endeavor appeals to so much of what i care about and is a great fit for the priorities our family has already established. i love taking care of our family in a natural, healthy way, it’s important to me to continue growing in my knowledge of how God created our bodies and the world around us, and i want to honor God with our finances and resources. doTerra provides me the opportunity to do each of those things, as well as the chance to potentially educate others as i’m learning, which is something i love to do.

occasionally, i will share a testimony or two of how essential oils have helped our friends and family, but that will be about it in terms of oils and this blog. in the same way that i write about friends having babies, foster care, or any of the other adventures in our life, i will write about this pursuit as it naturally comes up. if essential oils intrigue you or you would like to learn more, email me at abbyjoyperry(at)gmail(dot)com.

there are several more things i could write about today – our fabulous trip to visit dear friends in Louisville last week, our upcoming Jared-and-Abby-only vacation to Antigua, my continued bliss over so many babies being born among our friends, mom life, work life, church life, etc. i suspect each of these things will show up in a post or two in the weeks to come. life is rapid yet peaceful, full in the way of rich harmonies and the abundance found in priorities aligned and pursued. we’re thankful, above all else.

thanks for caring about our family enough to read this little update. we value each of you!