blood cries out.

Just a few hours ago, I re-blogged a post about the Gosnell atrocities by my dear, talented friend Chelsea Williams. I thought she said it so well that there was nothing left to say. It turns out that she did what the greatest writers always do, inspired thought and word that had to emerge. Here’s the product.

I’ve been trying to work for over an hour. Suddenly, I’ll realize I’m looking out the window, staring at Twitter, Gosnell, Gosnell, Gosnell pulsing in my mind. 

I am reminded of Jen Wilkin’s post the day of the Newtown slaughter. “Today is a day for hatred,” she wrote. As is today.

Today is a day for hatred. Not of any human being, but of death, of murder, of the sickness of our broken world. Today is a day for repentance. Today is a day for sackcloth and ashes. Today is a day for sitting in the darkness and craving the light. Today is a day for pleading with God on behalf of the exploited and lost and murdered. The blood of our brothers and sisters cries out to God from the ground and we must join their cry. My God, My God, why have we forsaken You.

I cannot read these articles without seeing my baby’s face. I will forever know the image of him the moment he was born…creature of life and struggle awash with blood and fluid and all things earthy and all things soul. Babe of need and hope and craving and body and want. I know what the cry of a newborn does to a heart and I know what the surge of hormones in the days and weeks to follow does to a mother. Exploitation does not begin to describe what has been so deceivingly, so despicably hidden in our own country that claims life and liberty, in our own world created by a perfect, holy God whom we have utterly rejected.

Fellow man, must we remind ourselves? We nourish life, we do not take it. We celebrate life, we do not eliminate it. We fight like madmen for human rights and when we are scorned and scoffed and mocked we scream louder because these are the ones declared to be made in the image of God. He rescues and redeems and our hearts rejoice with the Truth that He will make all things new. 

Today is a day for clinging to the gospel and today is a day for being a voice for those whose voice has been silenced, our hearts beating outside our chests for those whose hearts beat no more. We speak. We fight. We pray. We hope. This too shall be made right.