on my ipod [#1]

this blog (and perhaps my personality? don’t answer that.) can tend toward the less than lighthearted. this was a large part of the reason i started the on my nightstand series to share a few of the books i’m reading and to provide a little review on them, continuing to (i hope) provide thoughtful insights in this space but not always be quite so…intense.  since life isn’t allowing me to read three books per week at this point (although if anyone is trying to build me a personal sanctuary, that would be the right place to start), today i am launching on my ipod, which i will rotate with the on my nightstand series. these posts will point toward music that does all those ethereal, worshipful, elevating things that music is supposed to do. some albums will be labeled “Christian” and some won’t; all will have nudged me toward depth and joy and the happiness of singing along.

i’m toying around with a few other ideas for fun, insightful tuesday posts to add to the rotation, we’ll see what comes of them. for now, here are the albums on my ipod.

this hope will guide methis hope will guide me [ross king]

ross king is a singer, songwriter, musician, worship pastor, husband, father and i’m sure many more things of which i am not aware. his songs have spoken truth into my heart season after season, year after year. ross’ new album this hope will guide me is a worship album with strong melodies, theologically profound lyrics and the kingdom in mind. this album reminds me that God stepped toward us when we were far away – in the album’s own words, God’s “kindness knows no end.” i have been playing it everyday since it came out, owen loves to dance to it and we are singing several of the songs at church as well. in fact, a few friends from our church co-wrote or contributed to this album. i’m a huge fan.

all sons and daughters - season oneseason one [all sons & daughters]

all sons & daughters is the band of leslie jordan and david leonard, a worship leading, harmonious duo with a rich, organic sound. their album season one will be forever dear to me as i played it day in and day out during our long, exhausting days of owen’s raging acid reflux. this album truly ministered to my soul through its honesty, reverence, themes and depth. care for an example?

i am a sinner
if it’s not one thing
it’s another.
caught up in words
tangled in lies.
but you are a Savior
and You take brokenness aside
and make it beautiful.

talk about peace-breathing words during a time when my heart felt frantic more often than not. this album is the kind of truth mingled with art that our hearts beg for and i’m profoundly thankful for it.

and that’s what i’m listening to these days.